Thursday, April 29, 2010



I am not television scapegoat, who uses idiot box as only means of entertainment & all the time seen in front of tv surfing the channel & watching fight between saas/bahus, melodrama, emotional blackmailings & of course extra Maritial affairs. But thanks god for myself being not addicted to such serial (killers), but still this idiot box provide alternate enjoyment to me in terms of lots of laughing in terms of comedy serials. Which helps me to relieve the tension of whole day & start a days with bright & positive notes. In all this SAB TV had took a lead role by providing mind thinking serials like Sajan Re Jhooth Maat Bolo (SRJMB) , Lapatagang. But over to all I am very much fascinated about the serial called Tarak Mehta Ka oolta Chasha (TMKOC).

Today I am dedicating this blog entirely to TMKOC all the actors & team which make such a nice series, which also has a subtitle called for Baas Najariye ki Hai Baat…how true it is whatever event happens/situations we face in our day to day life… it is our perception/our attitude that make thinks good or bad for us.

This week was among the special one for this serial. AS it had show about the woman’s craziness for marketing while there is sales (& it is of ornaments & Sarees…GOD only can stop them) . In this Shopping Sales, despite opposition from their husband, they purchased bulk stocks of sarees & wearing materials. When they demand for bill from Shopkeeper he said, “it is yours shop & you are like sisters to me. You can come anytime if any problem”. At home when they check their stuffs, they found many of them are defective in nature (which was not at the time of selcting). Now they decide either to get replacement or refund from shopkeeper without informing to their husband. Shopkeeper neither refunded them the money & even not recognize them. Now ladies went to Police station to launch complain, but they inform to visit consumer forum. But consumer forum also could not do anything as these ladies do not have Bill for their purchases.

So finally Daya Bhabhi (the centermost character of the serial) come up with Ahmedabadi Brahmastra. She calls Nattu Kaka & Reeta Reporter & started with other group ladies A Garba Aandolan… we had heard various Aandolan & this is different one (this make serial different from others) & they are ready to continue their Aandolan until shopkeeper pays their money even if it takes 2 weeks. Shopkeeper had called for Police assistance to remove these women.. Now what will happen for this watch TTMKOC on SAB TV on Thursday at 9 pm & repeat telecast at 11 pm.

Here I would like to point out how many of us are aware about Consumer Forum/Consumer Court etc (we had saying that Clever should not climb the steps of the court). Although there are advertisement in print as well as electronic media, we are unaware about the situation & 90% among us never try to step ahead to fight against injustice. These people are having attitude of Chalta Hai.. Jane Do.. Kujhe Kya Karna.. Kyon Padna Phukat Ki Aaphat Mein etc.

But while watching this serial for last 3 days.. one thing I wants to do is salute to all those women who had shown such an courage to fight with shopkeeper. I t should give inspiration to many among us to fight against corrupt bureaucrats & illegal activities. They did not deter, whether shopkeeper will agree or not, they will be ready to continue this for as long as shopkeeper refund their monies. It is among the popular program on television so I hope positive impact on large scale people is expected & they will act accordingly. Henceforth illegal activity will not be alloweded & bribe will not be paid to anyone for any work done. It gives me inspiration to reach to you via this blog media & I will always support the good initiate taken in Tarak Mehta Ka Ooolta Chashma.

Although the song & dance step seems funny enough to make the audience laugh… it shows their determination that they will not loose their hopes to win the battle… After each episode Tarak Mehta (character in serial & not author) but some of his comments in Shayari or other way are also more remarkable apart it has lot laughing value also.

So people step up and unite for fight against corruption & injustices.